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Hannah & Jeremias

Nature is the basis of everything we do. We live together with the seasons and our work depends on the different seasons.
We have Alaskan Huskies. They don’t really have a breed standard so they can look very different and also have many different characteristics. You can really have a dog that suits the activities you enjoy doing together with your dog.
It’s important to us that they feel safe in all sorts of situations they face while living with us. All dogs are different individuals, so for us it’s about getting to know each and every one of them, what their strengths and weaknesses are as individuals.
As our dogs are working athletes, and we live in Norrbotten where it can get cold, we have very high demands on the food we give them. They need a lot of food with a high fat and protein content where every calorie counts, i.e. no “empty calories”. Therefore, both we and the dogs are very pleased with Halla Pet Food!

Yngve a Yvette Hoel

Yngve a Yvette jsou sourozenci, kteří patří k nejlepším světovým špičkám v závodech psích spřežení / severský styl již po několik let. Oba patří k nejoceňovanějším sportovcům z Norska s 61 a 10 medailemi z mistrovství světa, respektive z mistrovství Evropy (celkem 17 zlatých na mistrovství světa). Yngve (vlevo) je současným šampionem v Evropě a Norsku a také dvakrát vyhrál Norský královský pohár.

– Společně máme pět psů, kteří jsou smíšenými plemeny Německého krátkosrstého ohaře, Pointra a Greyhounda. Psi a psí spřežení byly vždy hlavní součástí našeho života. Vyrůstali jsme s německými krátkosrstými ohaři a působili v několika různých sportech, zejména v běhu na lyžích. Kvalitní krmivo je pro psy ve sportu naprosto zásadní, a to jak pro každodenní život, stejně jako v soutěži. Krmivo by mělo být výživné a vyrobené z dobrých ingrediencí s dokonalým složením tuku, bílkovin, sacharidů a důležitých živin. Proto je pro nás tak skvělé mít v týmu Halla Pet Food!

Elin Åström

My name is Elin Åström and I am active in the sport of sled dog racing, both summer and winter. I got hooked about 15 years ago. I was then new in the town of Härnösand and one of the club members saw me skiing around in the tracks with my dog ​​Nallo who was a mix between husky and greyhound. I was invited to the club’s sled dog race which was being held the same weekend. I din’t even own my own equipment, but no problem! One of the competitors sold me some used equipment in the parking lot right before the start of the race. Despite a not so eager dog ​​and the fact that we were minutes behind everyone else, I got a blooded tooth. I have since competed a lot both in Nordic style winter and on bare ground. I love training, both my self and the dogs. I see it as a challenge to see how much we can develop together.
Today I have a 2-year-old mixed breed (vorsteh, pointer and greyhound) called Buster. I look forward to lots of training hours and many fun races with him.

In order to give my dog ​​the best conditions to absorb the training in a good way and be able to perform at the top of his ability when it comes to competition, it is extremely important that he gets a well-composed food that gives him everything he needs, therefore gives I Halla Pet Food.

Anna Klang

I breed American Akita, and next year the kennels first litter of (working) German Shepherds will be born. I founded my kennel in 2001 and since then I have bred several international multi-champions and multi-winners. Through the years, I have competed successfully in dog shows and competitive obedience. My partner and I own several dogs of different breeds. I train service dogs and I enjoy most disciplines in dog sports, but I am extra passionate about nose work for service dogs. I have also become interested in K9 Biathlon, and I started in a few races in 2019. I know that it will be many more in 2020.
Halla Pet Food is the obvious choice for me since it fulfils all the requirements I have on a dog food – and I know that it really works! I want my dogs to be healthy and perform at top level. Depending on season/performance I use different varieties of Halla Pet Food – the dogs should always get the right amount of energy and nutrition. Halla has foods for every dog. My dogs’ results speak for themselves…

Anna Gustafsson & Lando

Lando is my pacesetter in the sled dog races; he eats Halla Elite and Halla’s fresh Chicken Select.
Together with Lando, I have reached the top, winning several races in the Swedish Bare Ground Championships in the DCW-B class during the last 3 years. We also finished all the legs of the Trophée des Montagnes 2019, a total of 60 km divided into 10 legs over 9 days.
We have also started a few K9 Biathlon races and Nordic style races, and this is all in Lando’s spare time – he otherwise works as a police dog. I have chosen Halla Pet Food because it gives Lando everything he needs to perform at top level, both in races and in his duty.

Madelene Nord

Skijorer and cross-country skier

My name is Madelene Nord and I am an elite skijorer and cross-country skier. My interest in sports has characterized most of my childhood, and cross-country skiing is especially close to my heart. In 2013, I happened upon an incredibly fun sport where you get to combine your interest in animals with sports – skijoring (cross-country skiing while pulled by a dog). In the same year, I bought my first German Shorthaired Pointer, Ero, and a year later we won our first Swedish Championship medal together, and soon afterwards a silver medal in the European Championship. After that, I have been very successful, with advanced positions in the World Championship as well as winning other championship titles. The goal is to be the best in the world! Nowadays my pack consists of two more German Shorthaired Pointers (Simba and Dunder) and a crossbreed bitch (Edda).
To me, choosing a good dog food is vital. Without a nutritious diet my dogs would never be able to perform on such a high level. To maintain and also build muscle fitness, it takes a high-quality and nutritious dog food that also contains many important nutrients. And that is exactly what Halla Pet Food is! The fact that it is also made in Sweden makes it even better.

Carolina Flyckt

I have dogs of all ages, from seniors to puppies and all energy levels in between – and Halla has food for all of them. I am a professional dog instructor and compete in agility, and I can see how big a role the dogs’ diets play in their everyday life, training and competitions. To me, it is also important that my dogs eat food produced in Sweden. Halla is a pet food I am proud to give my dogs.

Jonas Johansson

Hi, my name is Jonas Johansson. I work as a salesman in a gun store, and since 2014 I run Kryckeskallets Kennel. We focus on grey Norwegian Elkhound. In my spare time, I manage hunting at the Stora Ek property and the project Hunting For All. That is a project aimed at inspiring people in my situation to get out into our beautiful nature for activities like hunting, fishing and hiking. I had a transfemoral amputation at age 11, and I love hunting with my dogs.
I hunt a lot with my dogs, and I want an all-round dog food with high energy content. Without a nutritious and good dog food, my dogs would not be able to perform during our days in the woods. I use Halla Pet Food Performance, but during the most intensive period of the hunting season, I top it with fresh food, mainly Chicken Select. I can see that my dogs quickly recover after a tough day in the woods. Their digestion is very good and their fur is beautiful.

Elisabeth och Reino Oskarsson

Since 1997, Elisabeth and Reino Oskarsson run Hedeforsens Kennel. They are serious breeders who focus on quality. Hedeforsens Kennel was founded in 1975. The name comes from a small town in Lerum municipality outside Gothenburg, where the idea of founding a kennel was born.

We, Elisabeth and Reino Oskarsson, have a common goal – to breed the best dogs for the toughest jobs. Hedeforsens Kennel breeds German Shepherds who will work with the police, military, border control and a number of other special jobs. We breed with the purpose of getting mentally stable and healthy dogs. Our ambition is that all litters will pass a character test. Many of our puppies are sold at a young age to the Swedish Police and Swedish Armed Forces, where they pass their L-tests.

Through the years, the kennel has worked to improve mentality and health; it has been vital to us as we work professionally with police dogs, police detection dogs, dogs for the armed forces and detection dogs for private use (e.g. mould, gas etc.). From 1990 to today, the kennel has delivered some 500 dogs to the Swedish Armed Forces, around 90 dogs to the Swedish Police, 15 narcotics detection dogs and around 30 other detection dogs. Our dogs have been chosen as Police Dog of the Year twice and Narcotics Dog of the Year twice, and several of our mine detection dogs have received honourable mentions while in the service of the UN. The kennel’s focus has always been, and still is, working dogs.

Tuvali Norberg & Tuff

I am an active 14-year-old girl. Together with my fluffy dog Tuff, I compete in agility.
Tuff is a 4-year-old Sheltie. Our common goal is to continue to practice and compete.
I love my dog and want him to stay healthy, so I give him Halla Pet Food every day – because that is the only food he will eat.

Johan Hansson & Tass

My name is Johan Hansson and I work as a K9 police officer in Skaraborg. Before that, I worked as a dog trainer for the Swedish Armed Forces.
During my years with dogs, both in my professions and in my spare time, it has become very clear to me that the choice of dog food plays an essential part. The life of police dogs is often very demanding and they have to be able to work in tough environments and in all weathers. To do this, they need good food. I have chosen to give my dogs Halla Pet Food as it contains everything my dogs need to perform their best.

Tova-Liza Willenfeldt

I live in west Härjedalen with my 6 dogs, and together we compete successfully in different disciplines of sled dog racing. We mainly compete in sprint races with two-dog or four-dog teams, both with sleds and on skis.
It is not only when we compete that I am with my dogs; we live a very active life together, with both play and work in the mountains. I own reindeers in Sweden’s second southernmost Sami village and I use Lapponian Herders when I work with the reindeers – and the herders also need to perform on a high level in their work. There are many similarities between the demands on competing sled dogs and working reindeer herders. Long days in a demanding climate where the dogs need the right preconditions to perform a very tough job. The dog food is vital, it has to give the dogs the nutrition their bodies need while being so tasty that the dogs will eat it no matter how tired they are.
My dogs eat Halla Performance and Elite with good appetite, and during the racing season I top it with Halla’s fresh food to get the dogs to consume more water. Since our way of life puts up such heavy demands on the dog food, I can say that Halla Pet Food fulfils all my requirements.

Peter Ahlberg

I have been hunting since I was 15 years old and I am now a dog handler. I often search for wounded game with my dogs but I also join regular hunts. Today, I own two Swedish Elkhounds which mainly hunt boar but also elk and bear. The dogs have eaten Halla Pet Food for many years and it is a wonderful dog food. We combine fresh food with dry food (Performance) to give the dogs all the energy they need during the hunting season. The dogs recover very well with this food. They remain strong and healthy, their fur is beautiful, and their teeth and muscles are strong.

Leif Carlsson

My name is Leif Carlsson and I was born in Vårgårda in 1949. At the age of 10, the first dog entered my life after I had pestered my father about it. I wanted a Boxer but got a Drever. After a few years, I tried – with limited success – some training exercises with this animal. My father, who saw this, immediately told me to stop as I would ruin his shooting dog.

In 1968, I began my career as a police officer, and in 1975 I became a K9 officer. I was given a black German Shepherd named Beppe. He became Nordic Champion among police dogs and performed his duty successfully. This dog fuelled my interest in dog sports. Parallel to my professional career, I have been an active competitor within the Swedish Working Dog Association. Another two German Shepherds came after the first. The second one became Swedish and Nordic Police Champion and also competed in the civilian Swedish Championship for protection dogs. “Apache” became a very good service dog and one of the first in Sweden in modern times to be trained for hard surface tracking in the police. The third dog became an efficient service dog and won the Swedish Championship three times in the police force. This dog also competed in the civilian Swedish Championship for protection dogs.

We are proud to use Halla Pet Food. Halla Medium lets the dogs perform well at both work and training. Our goal as breeders is to have good working dogs that perform well in their duty while also being family dogs.